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Hi! I'm back to livejournal after a summer of outpatient treatment for bulimia. Needless to say, it totally didn't help =( I'm starting a new journal because I really don't want to be reminded of all my past failures. Just to give you a little info on me, I'm 20 years old and a junior in college. I've just gotten back to school, so I can start to do what I want to again as far as eating and exercise. My high weight was about 130 (at age 14 right before all this started), and my low weight was around 100 lbs (right before this summer started). I'm 5'3". I can't say enough how much I want to lose weight and keep it off without purging through vomiting! I've also been known to purge through excessive exercise and laxatives, and I'd like to eventually cut out the laxative abuse as well, but I am taking it one step at a time. My goal is to eat/drink around 500-800 cals a day and keep them down. And to exercise by running at least 5 miles or the equivilant daily. My goal weight is 95-100 lbs. I am currently about 114, after being fattened up by my parents all summer. Everyone is welcome to add me =) I'm just looking for support from people who will actually understand what I am going through, unlike most people you meet everyday.
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