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Change yourself.

For the better.

Aspiring beauties
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Can't get into body_obsession with all the damn forms?
Got kicked out or nearly kicked out for some stupid reason?
Want a place where you won't be judged?

I created this community for anyone who wants to join, the only requirement is that you want to lose change yourself. It's that simple.
No stupid forms.
No harassment.

Doesn't matter if you're pro-ed or against it, if you have one or don't. You may not even want to lose weight, just change yourself. All I ask is that you respect everyone here. If you are mean to anyone else, you're gone. Anything is welcome from thinspiration to tips to quotes to pictures of yourself. Just put them under an lj-cut. Any questions, just post them, I'm more than happy to answer.

Love your mod,